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Pinterest is a social network built around sharing visual content only. Users share visual images from the web by “pinning” them on to a series of virtual pin boards. “Pinners” can create, share, collect, and repost information in picture, image, or video format. How can the Army National Guard (ARNG) use Pinterest?


Boards are where people collect and organize their Pins. Each board tells a unique story about what that person cares about, and people follow boards with Pins they like. Boards will focus on popular social media topics, multipurpose themes, and trending topics. Pins are created by repurposing content from ARNG social media channels. The Boards that ARNG focuses on include:

  • Basic Training
  • Fitness
  • Careers
  • Quotes
  • Guard Facts
  • Community
  • Benefits
  • Guard Family
  • Camaraderie
  • RSP

Although states may not benefit from Pinterest, it’s a great resource to consider when brainstorming content ideas, annual campaigns, and seeing what other topics and items are being shared by Pinterest users who have linked to ARNG. Although lead generation may be less possible through Pinterest, it may help educate and inform users before exploring or talking to a recruiter.