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10 Instagram Tips to Maximize Your Marketing in 2018

There are over 800 million total monthly active Instagram users and we know 59% of Internet users between the ages of 18 to 29 use the platform. So it’s no wonder that all big brands and branches of military
are turning to Instagram to reach audiences and generate more leads. If you’re not already using the platform, you should start, as more youth are turning to it and away from Facebook.

To help you out, we did our homework and created a list of comprehensive strategies used by the most successful Instagrammers.

1. Switch to an Instagram Business Account

An Instagram Business Account provides exclusive features and tools that will make it easier to grow followers. For instance, admins can access Instagram analytics and include CAMPO UTM code links in Insta Stories for lead-tracking. Within the profile itself, States can add a button that makes it easy for followers to contact you via direct message, phone call, or email. Learn how to convert your personal Instagram profile to a business one here.

2. Schedule Your Posts

The latest Instagram update now allows Business Accounts to schedule posts in advance using third-party tools, like Hootsuite. For the time
being, Instagram has not announced any plans to integrate a scheduling capability directly into its app. This new feature is huge for those who find it difficult to post content consistently.

3. Post “Insta Stories”

According to the latest stats, there are 300 million “Insta Stories” daily active users, which is more than those engaged on Snapchat daily. If you haven’t created content specifically for Insta Stories, consider getting started now. Users can upload images that play for six seconds or videos that play for 15 seconds. As mentioned earlier, Instagram Business profiles can share links via their Insta Stories posts by having viewers swipe-up on their screens to follow the links. One important thing to remember is that Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours and content must be uploaded from your phone’s camera roll! Here’s a video explaining how to use Insta Stories professionally.

4. Upload Photos Older Than 24 Hours to Insta
Stories Without A Date Stamp

One issue with Insta Stories is that you cannot post photo from your camera roll that is older than 24 hours without having a date stamp overlay on it. However, there is a work around. Simply screenshot your image from your camera roll and crop it back to its original size. This way the image is newest in your camera roll.

5. Use Hashtags, Geotags, and Shout-Out Tags

Users can follow specific hashtags on Instagram, which makes it more important for brands to use them consistently. We include recommended hashtags each week in this newsletter, so be sure to use them in your posts. It’s also important to keep followers happy by at-mentioning them in posts if you know their individual handles. This tactic applies to both people and other brands/States. Finally, try to tag each post with a location. By incorporating as much information as possible, your content is more discoverable and interesting.

6. Experiment with Content Formats

There are a variety of types of posts to choose from when creating content for Instagram, including photo, video, and carousel. Try to experiment with each kind regularly and see what engages your audience the most.

7. Re-share Instagram Content on Other Social Media

It’s important to use other social media channels to amplify your content on Instagram. By sharing your posts from Instagram to another platform, like Facebook, you will provide followers to check your Instagram as well.

8. Monitor Other States to Gain Inspiration

There’s a lot to be learned from ARNG States accounts that have a high number of followers on Instagram. Be sure to carefully monitor other States by following them for inspiration, best practices, and even post caption ideas. For a complete list of State Instagram links, visit

9. Promote User-Generated Content

It’s estimated that 85% of users find visual user-generated content (UGC) more persuasive than brand photos and videos, which means it should be part of your engagement strategy. Encourage followers to use your State hashtags accompanied by a personal photo highlighting a topic/holiday of your choosing. As always, be sure to ask for permission to re-post someone else’s image if you plan to use it on your profile.

10. Download Content from for Posts!

We created an archive of graphics, a gallery’s worth of images, and videos for sharing on State social media channels. Think ASVAB questions, short videos for your Facebook page, and motivational quotes. Don’t forget to regularly visit the ARNG social media website for the latest content!