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10 Instagram Video Tutorials Under 6 Minutes

There are over 800 million total monthly active Instagram users and we know 59% of Internet users between the ages of 18 to 29 use the platform. So it’s no wonder that ARNG Marketing NCOs and recruiters are turning to Instagram to reach audiences. The below videos will show you how to better use Instagram, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, all taught by brands and Instagram aficionados.

1. Overview of Ways to Use Instagram Stories

There are 300 million “Insta Stories” daily active users, and if you haven’t created content specifically for Insta Stories, consider getting started now. Users can upload images that play for six seconds or videos that play for 15 seconds. As mentioned earlier, Instagram Business profiles can share links via their Insta Stories posts by having viewers swipe-up on their screens to follow the links. One important thing to remember is that Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours and content must be uploaded from your phone’s camera roll!

2. Use Voting Polls in Your Instagram Stories

The “Poll” feature within Insta Stories is a great tool to not only engage with your audience, but solicit real feedback. Participation is easy and your followers can answer a question by voting on two choices, which could be “yes” and “no,” or something else entirely. With a poll, you see results in real-time.

3. Tag Locations in Instagram Stories

One great way to engage existing and new followers is to use location and hashtag stickers in your Insta Stories. These stickers help your profile appear in searches and Insta Stories for the locations.

Pro Tip: One word of caution is to not post super specific location stickers due to security and privacy. Instead, you could tag the location as your state or a city. For recruiters, it may be a high school where they are hosting an event or delivering a presentation.

4. Create Slideshow Image Posts

There are a variety of posts to choose from when creating content for Instagram, including photo, video, and slideshow. Try to experiment with each kind regularly and see what engages your audience the most.

5. Switch to a Business Account

An Instagram business account provides exclusive features and tools that will make it easier to grow followers. For instance, admins can access Instagram analytics and can even add links to Instagram (“Insta”) Stories. Within the profile itself, you can add a button that makes it easy for followers to contact you via direct message, phone call, or email.

6. Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

With an Instagram business account, you can add web links and even CAMPO UTM code links in Insta Stories for lead-tracking. Doing this reveals which content is resonating with your audience. Think about adding a link to the “Get Started” form. Other links could point to a Facebook recruiter event or your state Facebook page. *You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers to utilize this feature.

7. View Instagram Insights (aka Analytics) with a Business Account

All Instagram business accounts can view Insights about the people engaging with your content, like impressions, reach, website clicks, profile visits, and followers. You can even view analytics about a specific post or Insta Story.

8. Host a Live Video

Instagram live video allows you to connect with your audience in real time. Just like Insta Stories, your live video will appear at the top of followers’ feeds for 24 hours before disappearing. We’ve seen live videos of Q&A interviews with recruiters and day-in-the-life workouts with soldiers. Your content is totally up to you!

9. Follow Popular Hashtags

Instagram now allows users to follow hashtags, just like people, and search for location geotags. Be sure to choose relevant hashtags that describe your mission.

10. How to Add Instagram Story Highlights to Your Profile

Instagram now allows users to save their Insta Stories posts on their own profiles after they’ve expired from public view. This allows both new and old members of your audience to discover them at their convenience.