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5 Easy Ways to Engage Your Recruiters on Social Media

One of the most effective strategies Marketing NCOs should consider is to further support recruiters with tips, suggestions, and cross-promotional efforts to reach communities and prospects. Here are a few ways that states can engage with recruiters on social media to generate content and leads.

1. Create a State-Specific Hashtag

We already know that hashtags will dramatically increase your visibility if you use them wisely. And if your state has its own hashtag that you and recruiters utilize in posts, it can help improve your marketing performance. A hashtags that resonates will start spreading and your state ARNG brand will effectively reach more people. Use it on every picture you post, especially on Instagram.

A great example of this put into practice is the Louisiana ARNG hashtag called #RecruitTheHomeTeam. You’ll notice every single one of their Instagram posts includes this hashtag. So how do you create your own? Do you have a familiar recruiting tagline or slogan? Make sure it represents your mission, isn’t already being widely used, and turn it into your hashtag. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to make sure to promote this hashtag on all posts and tell recruiters to do the same. From there, monitor it to ensure it’s being used correctly and interact with other users whenever it makes sense.

2. Identify Recruiters that Have Large Followings on Social Media

This tip requires some research on your part! Create a list of recruiters’ social media accounts and consider following them or liking their fan page from your state accounts. Be sure to interact with their content in the forms of likes, comments, and shares. By building relationships on social media with influential recruiters, you are opening the door to possibilities for future content collaborations like live interviews.

3. Start Sharing Posts from Recruiters’ Accounts

Influential recruiters know how to create engaging content that resonates with prospects. Consider sharing posts focused on welcoming newly enlisted soldiers (E.g., images from MEPs or of soldiers taking the oath), wishing soldiers “good luck” prior to shipping or training, and congratulating soldiers on promotions, graduations, etc.

4. Consider ‘Meet Our Recruiters’ Posts

A “meet our recruiters” post series would allow audiences to see the military and civilian sides of the recruiters – further providing opportunities for conversations and connections.

5. Start a Closed Facebook Group

This group could serve to welcome new recruits and parents, as well as introduce recruiters and past recruits. It would feel like a forum and act as a sounding board prior to shipping. Monitor the group, but allow for joking and don’t police too closely.