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5 Free Apps to Add Your State Logo Watermark to Images

Watermarking social media images adds a sense of branded ownership and flair of professionalism. You may have noticed other states, like California ARNG or Idaho ARNG, doing this already. While it’s an entirely optional best practice, we would like to provide guidance in this area for those interested. Below are our top highly-rated app picks to use for adding state logo watermarks to your images while on the go!

1. Watermark X

There is nothing complicated about using this app since it provides a fast and simple way to add watermarks to your photos. Adding a variety of professionally crafted watermarks to your photos is a pretty simple task with Watermark X. Using discrete signature, you can completely protect your photos and logos. The app allows you to change color, opacity, size, and placement.

2. Watermark Photo

You can add unique signatures, logos, and copyright icons to pictures you've taken with your iPhone in just a few simple steps. The app's sharing capabilities are remarkable since it allows its users to share their images on any social media platform they can think of.

3. eZy Watermark lite

More than two million downloads this app has, serve as proof that it is widely accepted as one of the best watermark apps for iPhones. eZy Watermark provides the option to batch watermark over a hundred pictures. The app lets you import photos from the camera roll, Facebook or Instagram, while it exporting options are no less impressive.

4. My Watermarks

The app is designed to help users create watermarks they are going to love using. My Watermarks keeps track of all logos, signatures, and watermarks, which enables you to quickly access each logo or a watermark you already used.

5. EasyMark

The last but not the least, EasyMark is right up there with the best apps when it comes to adding watermark to photos quickly and easily. What really charms me about it is the capability to add watermark to videos. The other important feature of this app is that it doesn’t reduce the quality of your photo.