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5 LinkedIn Video Tutorials Under 5 Minutes

LinkedIn has become much more than a networking site for professionals. It has turned into a Facebook-like atmosphere where users and companies share interesting news articles, recent statistics, job openings, and tips for career fields. Currently, 52% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 18-34, making them prime targets for recruiting. LinkedIn’s strength for your state lies in its ability to build authority, establish thought leadership, and cultivate a robust network. If you haven’t already created a page, consider doing so now – and we’ll show you how below. Watch these short videos to learn more about LinkedIn and see if it’s a match for your state marketing goals.

1. Overview of LinkedIn Company (aka State) Pages

Ok, we know this tutorial is over five minutes (it clocks in just under eight!), but it is far too good to leave off the list. Think of your Company/State Page as your profile page on LinkedIn. This video covers everything from audience targeting to analytics.

2. Create a Company/State Page

Fill in as many details as possible about your state ARNG and ensure the information is always up to date. If you change your structure or have news to share, be sure to update your Company/State Page on LinkedIn, because it will update in your followers’ news feeds. Don’t forget, you can find a lot of answers to your questions over on LinkedIn’s FAQs page.

3. Join a LinkedIn Group

Contribute to popular discussions that LinkedIn members have already started. As people “like” and reply to your comments, you have a chance to become a “Top Contributor” in the group. When appropriate, link to your state page on the site to help interested members gather more insights and info.

4. Career Pages on Your Company/State Page

Career Pages enhance your free Company/State Page, highlighting your state ARNG to potential prospects. Broadcast your state ARNG mission, culture, and job openings with dynamic content that changes based on LinkedIn member profiles. Don’t forget you can target prospects based on criteria that you set!

5. How to View Analytics on Your Company/State Page

If you're a Company/State Page administrator, you can view analytics about your Company/State Page to gain deeper insights into your page performance. This quick walkthrough of Page analytics covers engagement, demographics, follower trends, and more!