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5 Specific Tips for Mastering Instagram Stories

According to the latest stats, there are 300 million “Insta Stories” daily active users, which is more than those engaged on Snapchat daily. If you haven’t created content specifically for Insta Stories, consider getting started now. You can upload images that play for six seconds or videos that play for 15 seconds. Don’t forget that Insta Stories disappear after 24 hours and content must be uploaded from your phone’s camera roll!

Here are five marketer-approved tactics that will help you master Insta Stories in the year ahead.
1. Use Polls to Increase Engagement

The “Poll” feature within Insta Stories is a great tool to not only engage with your audience, but solicit real feedback. Participation is easy and your followers can answer a question by voting on two choices, which could be “yes” and “no,” or something else entirely. With a poll, you see follower results in real-time. To find the poll tool, simply swipe up within the Insta Stories interface.

2. Add Trackable “Swipe Up” Links

An Instagram Business Account provides exclusive features and tools that will make it easier to grow followers. One is the ability to add CAMPO UTM code links in Insta Stories for lead-tracking. Doing this reveals which content is resonating with your audience. Think about adding a link to the “Get Started” form. Other links could point to a Facebook recruiter event or your State Facebook page.

Pro tip: Not everyone uses a business account on Instagram, but you should consider this for your State page to better track analytics and report out. If you don’t have the ‘Swipe Up’ feature, add a link in your profile’s bio and use include a call to action in your Insta Story to encourage your audience to follow that link.

3. Use Hashtags and Location Stickers for Discoverability

One great way to engage existing and new followers is to use location and hashtag stickers in your Insta Stories. These stickers help your profile appear in searches, especially now that Instagram allows users to follow hashtags and search for location geotags. Be sure to choose relevant hashtags that describe your mission.

Pro Tip: One word of caution is to not post super specific location stickers due to security and privacy. Instead, you could tag the location as your State or a city. For recruiters, it may be a high school where they are hosting an event or delivering a presentation.

4. Make the Call to Action Clear

Keep calls to action within Insta Stories clear and concise. They should be easy for followers to understand, like overlaying the text “swipe up” to view a link, or writing the text “click the link in our profile to learn more.” The text should be large enough to see and can even be bolded or colored differently to stand out more. To add text to an Insta Story, tap the Aa icon and start writing.

5. Film and Photograph in Portrait Mode

This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to always record videos and take photos for Insta Stories in portrait mode, or vertically. It makes viewing Insta Stories a lot easier when users don’t have to flip their phones sideways.