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5 Twitter Video Tutorials Under 5 Minutes

According to the latest stats, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and just over one third of them are between ages 18 – 29. The platform has the potential to drive traffic to your state webpage and other social networks like Facebook. On it, you also get the opportunity to connect with other users and form deep connections that allow you to expand your influence. But where’s the user manual for Twitter? Learning about tweeting, retweets, analytics, and community-building is not always straightforward, which is essentially why we assembled this list of video tutorials covering both advanced and beginner tips! Happy tweeting!

1. Overview of Top Twitter Tips

This tutorial covers tips all Marketing NCOs should know and incorporate into their Twitter strategy. You’ll be encouraged to think outside of the storytelling box and make your presence equally notable and engaging.

2. Create a Twitter Poll Post

Twitter Polls are a great way for you to interact with your followers, understand their opinions, and get creative. You can set the time frame that your Poll runs and voters receive a push notification after it ends, which helps bring them back to your content. Ask for feedback, workout ideas, or favorite MREs – the options are limitless.

3. Create and Use Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are a favorite feature of many marketers. Why? Because they provide a way for you to filter Twitter by account under a certain category – and you create the categories! You may create Lists of influencer accounts in your state, fellow state ARNG accounts, professional athletes, schools, etc. Remember, Lists can be public or private.

4. Use Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search offers filtering options that allow you to find very specific content, like tweets from a particular location, hashtags, accounts that have mentioned your handle, or even tweets containing certain words or phrases.

5. Use Twitter Analytics

With Twitter analytics, you are able to better understand how the content you share performs and engages with your followers. The analytics dashboard within Twitter summarizes your posts’ activity in a monthly format. You can track your audience growth over time and learn more about follower demographics and interests.