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6 Essential Skills of a Social Media Manager

From providing swift customer service to rolling out $20k bonus marketing campaigns, the role of an ARNG state social media manager isn’t something to treat as an afterthought. In fact, a good social media manager could be the key to a positive ROI on your social efforts in the form of trackable leads. Bringing on a social media manager is more about finding someone who checks all the boxes; it’s also about identifying someone who passionately believes in your state Guard’s mission and has a good idea of how to communicate it to the wider social media world. Here are six of the essential duties of someone filling this role that you should always keep in mind.

1. Writing Posts

Whether you’re writing captions for Instagram or Facebook, words matter. Well-written posts can boost engagement, extend your organic reach, and sculpt your state Guard mission. But fear not! If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, there are hundreds of post caption examples in the website’s content library.

2. Customer Service

According to a study by J.D. Power, 67 percent of consumers use social media to ask specific questions or find help resolving problems. That’s huge! And we’ve seen a substantial uptick of direct messages from prospects looking for answers to basic questions about the Guard. The job of a social media manager is also to be a community manager, so perfecting customer service is win for your recruiting mission. Although many aspects of your social presence can be put on autopilot, customer care cannot.

3. Photo and Video Editing

Because we all carry smartphones, anyone can be a photographer or videographer now. That’s why it’s more important than ever for a social media manager to have a good eye for on-brand content and the ability to capture it. With Instagram Stories and Facebook Live broadcasts gaining momentum among target audiences, it’s crucial for social media managers to know how to create in new ways.

4. Analytics and Reporting

One new change to the role of the social media manager is the focus on analytics. Not just on collecting them, but also turning analytics into actionable ideas and reports. Social media managers can help drive new leads, so being able to prove a positive ROI is an invaluable skill to possess.

5. Strategic Planning

Things move fast in the world of social media and sometimes it’s easy to get concerned with only the day’s events. However, consistent planning will help you focus on the big picture and ensure that your social media goals are aligned with your recruiting goals.

Need help getting started with some planning? You can find an enormous post content library on the site of social media post images, videos, and post copy (aka captions) with a list of applicable hashtags.

6. Managing Content Across Multiple Platforms

Just because someone understands strategic marketing on Instagram doesn’t mean he or she understands it on Facebook, or even Twitter. A successful social media manager will be able to juggle several social accounts and produce unique content, captions, and customer service accordingly based on the platform.