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6 Tips for Writing an Engaging Facebook Post

Deciding what to post on Facebook can be easy, but figuring out how to write about it can be more challenging. Let’s take a look at what an engaging Facebook post might include:

  1. Ask a Question: The easiest and quickest way to gain engagement is by asking for other people’s opinions. A couple of ideas include “Why did you join the Army National Guard?” or “What questions can we answer about basic training?” Social media is social - it's about talking to people and trying to get them to participate in a conversation withyou, not you talking at them. Remember that open-ended questions usually drum up more conversation than general “yes” or “no” questions.​
  2. Tag People and Places: If you’re doing any joint training, or are somewhere in the community, make sure your audience knows it. It makes people curious and ultimately wanting to learn more. Examples of location tags could be high schools, universities, states, or cities.
  3. Offer some valuable information: When you post on Facebook, what are you showing people that they can’t see themselves? Maybe an RSP, the desk of a recruiter, or anything from a soldier’s Giving a little something can encourage your audience to give a little back. They may thank you, or share their own take on your post.
  4. Give a clear Call-To-Action: When you draft a post, make sure you know what you want people to do. Use action verbs such as “learn more,” “text,” “visit,” or “call.” You could, for example, ask your followers to visit your state web page on the site or answer an ASVAB question.
  5. Give them a link: This goes hand in hand with providing a call-to-action. If you want your fans to visit a website, you have to provide the link. This is a good opportunity to create CAMPO links to track how many clicks you get so you know which topics perform best.
  6. Post an Image: Seems simple, but make sure your image matches your post content. Don’t forget, a library of social media post images is already available on the website within the “Social Media Content” sub tab categories too.