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Following the Lead

A look back at the top lead generating posts on ARNG social media in 2017 Each year we look back on the content we’ve published, compiling and sharing the posts which were most popular and generated the most leads. From the CAMPO platform, MNCOs have the ability to create custom links to track user’s engagement, and generate reports which showcase a range of campaign highlights and data across social media channels within a specified timeframe. That’s exactly what we did for the entire past year and we tallied learnings about the most lead-generating ARNG social media content reflecting the evolving interests of youth prospects. Whether your content performed incredibly in 2017 or not, we’re sure these top five ARNG Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube posts will give you a better understanding of how to tailor your social media communications with key audiences.

Within social media, there remains an opportunity to help grow interest and understanding of military service by focusing communication on quality of life and the diversity of experiences within the ARNG. Specifically, social platforms offer unique opportunities to tell personalized accounts from members in a manner that reaches larger audiences. According to a 2016 JAMRS study on digital media and military recruiting, “one in five new recruits stated [social media] played a key role in their enlistment decision.”