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How to Host a Facebook Live with Recruiters

If you’re attending events in your community, working out with the local football team, or doing a Q&A with Guard recruiters, consider going Live on Facebook. It’s is an excellent way to connect with your audience in a new way and give them another Guard perspective to consider.

Our ARNG social media team visited the Louisiana ARNG earlier this year and planned a Facebook Live Q&A with three recruiters: two males and one female. This event served multiple purposes including:

  • Humanizing Guard recruiters by showing they are approachable and able to answer questions;
  • Providing engagement not found through daily posts and videos; and
  • Offering insight into what Page fans would like to know more about and what to consider for additional content campaigns.

The Facebook Live broadcast on the National Guard’s Facebook page lasted about thirty minutes and was a hit with fans! Overall, it reached 123k fans and generated nearly a thousand comments. This opportunity aimed to show a transparent view of the recruitment process and get potential recruits questions answered from trusted and authoritative sources.

So how can you replicate this and do a recruiter Q&A on your own Facebook Page? To make it simple, we’re sharing a script of questions and a teaser post image for you to use. For more tips on setup, review the one-pager on the site here.

Pro Tip: Give Notice

If you know what time you’ll be going Live on Facebook, create one or two posts for all of your social channels to let people know. You can request the customizable Photoshop post template by emailing, or using the generic one linked here on the site. Here are two post caption examples!

  • “We're doing a LIVE Q&A with recruiters from the (insert state name) National Guard! Come with your questions and see you at (insert time and time zone).”
  • “We’re going LIVE with our (insert state name) National Guard recruiters in 15 minutes! Tune in to watch and get your questions answered.”

Facebook Live Q&A Script with ARNG Recruiters

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
    1. Name and state Guard.
    2. When did you join the National Guard?
    3. What was your MOS when you joined? Any others?
    4. How long you’ve been a recruiter?
    5. What’s the best thing about being a recruiter?
  2. Who can join the National Guard?
  3. What’s great about joining the Guard right now?
    1. Enlistment bonus.
  4. What makes the Guard unique?
    1. Community focus with the opportunity to serve those around you.
    2. State Partnership Program.
  5. Can I join the Guard if I have tattoos?
  6. What if you’re out of shape and want to join?
    1. Mention RSP.
  7. Do high school students have to wait until they graduate to join the Guard?
    1. Split option training.
      1. Is this unique to Guard vs. other services?
  8. What if prospects are in college or plan to be?
    1. Benefits
      1. Education.
      2. Job center and ability to have job placement counseling and support.
    2. Time commitment.
  9. What is drill?
  10. What is the recruitment process like? What can prospects expect when they step into your office?
    1. No pressure atmosphere.
  11. What happens after a prospect signs up to join?
    1. ASVAB test and score.
      1. What happens if ASVAB score is too low?
    2. What is Basic Combat Training?
      1. How can you prepare for BCT?
    3. What is Advanced Individual Training?
  12. What if a prospect wants a certain focus or job specialty (MOS)?
    1. What is an MOS? And what options exist if certain MOS isn’t available?
  13. Are Guard soldiers deployed?
    1. Start with something like, “when you join the Guard, you are provided with the same training that ALL Army soldiers receive, and this ensures you are capable and ready to serve at home or when the Nation needs you abroad. Personally, I’ve been deployed and it was an honor to serve the country … “
  14. What would you say to people thinking about talking to a recruiter?
    1. You could say something along the lines of: ‘Do your research – start following the Guard online, on social, look at the website, and then most importantly – just identify your recruiter and make an appointment or stop by to meet them. Face to face meetings are critical in making sure you feel comfortable, see those like you doing what you are signing up to do, etc.”