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How to Reach Your Target Audience with Better Posts

Brands live and die based on how well they know their audiences. When you have a strong pulse on your prospects target audience and their needs, social media marketing becomes tremendously easier. So what kinds of posts get the best results, and how can you increase engagement? Are there things you should be doing that you’re not?

The website was created to reflect what content MNCOs told us they need now, and we’re proud to re-introduce a section of the site called “Social Media Content.” You’ll find this tab at the top of the site next to “Home.”

Here you’ll find all the ingredients you need to craft the perfect post for your target audience: hundreds of images, dozens of videos, and pre-written post copy (i.e., post captions). All you need to do is determine which content makes sense for your channel at which time, then copy and paste or download.

It’s really that easy! And don’t worry; we didn’t forget hashtags in the post copy – they’re already included. Under the social media content tab on the site, you’ll find post categories for:

  • ASVABNotice the top tabs labeled “Images” and “Copy.” We’ve seen ASVAB image posts consistently out-perform other content as they encourage engagement. A successful post has a clear call to action. This is especially relevant on Facebook as the new algorithm favors posts comments. Ask people to follow through in a specific way using phrasing such as, “Do you think you can pass the #ASVAB? Answer this practice question and learn more about taking the test by clicking the link in our bio.” 
  • MotivationNotice the top tabs labeled “Images,” “Videos,” and “Copy.” This professional imagery for posts tugs at your audience’s inner sense of self-worth or touch on viewpoints with which they can strongly identify. For copy, positive quotes that people can identify with help create a strong connection to your audience for your mission.
  • Education & ROTCNotice the top tabs labeled “Images,” “Videos,” and “Copy.” Two of the most frequently asked questions our ARNG social media support team receives from prospects are, “What are the educational benefits?” and “Which jobs come with bonuses?” Promote the GI Bill, tuition assistance, and the $20,000 bonus in your posts. These questions are already being asked through phone calls and direct messages (DMs).
  • Fitness & TrainingNotice the top tabs labeled “Images,” “Videos,” and “Copy.” Fitness posts are a given for ARNG and we’ve included photos from BCT and gym workouts. This content is inspiring and totally relevant to our target audience, who is often asking our support team, “Do I have to be in perfect shape before going to basic?” Get the conversation started with these posts.
  • Gear & TechNotice the top tabs labeled “Images,” “Videos,” and “Copy.” Take the opportunity to share images and videos of the equipment and weapons used by soldiers. We’ve also added a few fun trivia post copy examples like, “Can you tell us what kind of weapon this is? Get your hands on equipment like this as a #soldier in the #NationalGuard. #TriviaTuesday”
  • MOS-SpecificNotice the top tabs labeled “Images,” “Videos,” and “Copy.” Each state promotes a variety of critical MOS’ and we’ve gathered images and videos for specific ones to assist your marketing. Giving your audience a visual of specific MOS’ helps them picture themselves in those roles.
  • MiscellaneousNotice the top tabs labeled “Images,” “Videos,” and “Copy.” Here you’ll find imagery for holiday and family-centric posts.
  • State-Specific Videos –To assist you in creating content from your home team, we’re providing a small video library from the ARNG social media archives labeled by state.
  • Soldier Spotlight Examples – This section only includes example post copy for posts that highlight a soldier in your state ARNG. Do not copy and paste language from here as it is from actual past ARNG posts. We encourage all states to develop soldier testimonial content as it performs well with target audiences on social media channels.

Remember, posting on social media is a seven-days-per-week responsibility. Aim to post once per day on each social media channel and use scheduling tools as well as our daily hashtag suggestions to assist your efforts.