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How to Use the Instagram Countdown Sticker in Your Stories

Instagram recently released a great new feature to help you promote events and notifications: the Instagram Stories countdown sticker! The countdown sticker allows you to set a reminder for any day and time (up to one year in advance) so your audience can be notified. So now when you share a Story about an upcoming event (like a Live recruiter Q&A or Live behind-the-scenes look from a Blackhawk), you can add a sticker that counts down to a date and time that you set. Your Instagram followers can subscribe to your countdown event by tapping the sticker in your Story and receive notification reminders until the countdown is over. It’s such a neat feature for states to interact with their audience more and get them excited about what’s coming next!

2018 Social Media Trends

As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve seen Twitter begin to decline in popularity, LinkedIn increase for lead generation, video dominate on all platforms, and chatbots begin to make an appearance. Get a head start on 2018, and look
into these trending topics...

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