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Instagram Introduces Question Sticker to Instagram Stories

Instagram’s new Questions Sticker for Stories allows you to ask your followers anything. Unlike poll or emoji slider stickers, which allow followers to “vote” on questions included in Insta Stories, when you add a Questions Sticker to a Story, users submit questions for you to answer. Whether you want to collect feedback or answer FAQs, Questions Stickers provide a brand new way to engage with your Instagram audience.

Pro Tip: Once your Stories containing Questions Stickers expire after 24 hours, you can save them to your profile Highlights so others can watch them anytime.

How to Add a Questions Sticker to an Insta Story

Step 1: Once you add a new Story (video or image), tap the sticker button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap the Questions Sticker.          

Step 3 (optional): The Questions Sticker can be used to ask your followers a question, or to prompt your followers to ask you questions. By default, the sticker will say “Ask me a question.” Tap this text to type your own question or prompt.

Step 4 (optional): By default, the Questions Sticker will be white. Tap one of the colors underneath the sticker to change its color. Note: You can swipe from right to left on the color bar to see two more sets of colors.


Step 5: When you’re finished editing the Questions Sticker, tap “done” in the top right corner of the screen.

Pro Tip: If your goal is to answer a few planned FAQs using the Questions Sticker, have a colleague view your Story containing the Questions Sticker and submit a pre-arranged question.

If a video tutorial is easier for you to learn, here’s a great one that walks you through adding Instagram Questions Stickers step-by-step.