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Tips for Going Live on Facebook

If you’re attending events in your community, working out with the local football team, or giving a pep talk on careers in the Guard, consider going live on Facebook. Let’s go over tips for when you’re ready to hit the button.

Give Notice

If you know approximately what time you’ll be going live, create a post to let people know. An example could be “Going live from the State County Fair in 15 minutes! Tune in to watch me go in the dunk tank.”

Go Live with a Strong WiFi Connection

Check to make sure that you have a strong signal before going live. WiFi tends to work best, but if you can't find a nearby network, you'll want a 4G connection. If you have weak signal, the 'Go Live' button on Facebook will be grayed out.

Write a Description

Before you hit ‘Go Live’ on Facebook, it’ll ask for a sentence about what you’re broadcasting. This is an easy way to peak people’s interest.

Engage with People

This can be tricky since you’re busy going live, but if you see comments, try to say “Hey John, thanks for joining!” If you can’t respond in the moment, go back after you’re done and respond, or encourage follow up, such as, “If you want more information, reach me at:”

Broadcast for Longer Periods of Time

Try to broadcast for at least 10 minutes, and only start the broadcast if something interesting is happening. If you start going live and it’s a video of nothing happening, people will tune out.


Point and shoot is the easiest way to go live, but you need to keep the camera as still as possible, unless you’re walking around showing aspects of an event, or filming yourself. If you want to go live and show a performance for example, invest in a tripod.


Make sure people can hear you or hear what you want them to hear. People will comment if they can’t hear and if you don’t’ fix it within 15 seconds, they will tune out. So get close to the action, or speak loudly.