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Two National Guard Instagram Stories You Can Post Yourself

There are an estimated 300 million “Insta Stories” daily active users, and if you haven’t created this type of content yet, consider getting started now. With this feature, you can upload images that play for six seconds or videos that play for 15 seconds. Don’t forget that Insta Stories disappear after 24 hours and content must be uploaded from your phone’s camera roll.

Since the start of the year, the @NationalGuard Instagram account has posted many Insta Stories from a variety of venues. These opportunities provide the chance to show a transparent view of military life including events specific to the Guard and missions to help others. We have used filters, voting polls, hashtags, overlaid text promoting the $20k bonus, and humanized recruiters with Q&As, who can otherwise seem intimidating.

Here are two examples of past Insta Stories from the @NationalGuard and the @MIarmyguard Instagram accounts to give you some inspiration.



Quick Tips for Insta Stories

1. Unfamiliar with Insta Stories (i.e., what they are and where to find them on Instagram)? Watch this tutorial.
2. Use Polls to Increase Engagement

The “Poll” feature is a great tool to not only engage with your audience, but solicit real feedback in real-time. Participation is easy and your followers can answer a question by voting on two choices.

3. Use Hashtags and Location Stickers for Discoverability

Stickers help your profile appear in searches, especially now that Instagram allows users to follow hashtags and search for location geotags. Be sure to choose relevant hashtags and always consider security and privacy before geo-tagging locations.

4. View Instagram Insights (aka Analytics) with a Business Account

All Instagram business account Admins can view Insights about the people engaging with Insta Stories.

5. Add Insta Story Highlights to Your Profile

Instagram now allows users to save their Insta Stories posts on their own profiles after they’ve expired from public viewing after 24 hours. This allows both new and old members of your audience to discover them at their convenience. Learn how to do this here.

6. Film and Photograph in Portrait Mode

This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to always record videos and take photos for Insta Stories in portrait mode, or vertically.