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Using Twitter Analytics

While Twitter may not be your main source of leads, it’s always a good idea to know what the platform can do you for you. Twitter Analytics provides a wealth of information that can help you craft the best possible Tweets, not only to tell your brand story but also to deliver meaningful and useful content to your target audience. Let’s dive into what you can use.

Tweet Impressions

Under the Tweets section, you can find a list of all your tweets and the number of impressions—the number of times users saw your tweet on Twitter. Use this information to re-purpose tweets that gained the most impressions, or create tweets on a similar subject.

Tweet Engagement

This section also shows your engagement, or the number of interactions your tweet has received, as well as the engagement rate (number of engagements divided by number of impressions). If your tweets are receiving little engagement, rethink your subject matter and format; for instance, you can add a photo or video to your content mix, which tends to generate more engagement.

Follower Growth

In the Followers dashboard, you can track how your following has increased over the past 30 days and how many new followers you've received per day. If you notice that on a particular day you either gained or lost a substantial number of followers, check what you tweeted that day; you'll likely gain insight into the cause of the increase or decrease.