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Social Media Terms

Below you will find key social media terms. Our goal is to keep everyone on the same page in reference to lingo. Find a new term we should add? Let us know by contacting us.



Aggregator A web-based tool that collects and delivers syndicated content.
Algorithm A system that suggest pages to search engines or users in a social media platform based on a variety of factors.
AMA In reference to Reddit, an acronym for "Ask me anything." In an AMA post, a user will answer questions posed by the Reddit community.
Authenticity Used to describe "real" people behind blogs post and other social profiles.
Avatar A visual representation of a user online.
Backlink A backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Web page back to your own Web page.
Bitmoji A customized emoji or avatar that can be added to online networks.
Caption A brief description that appears underneath an Instagram photo.
Chatbots A type of bot that live in messaging apps and use artificial intelligence to perform tasks via simulated conversation.
Checkin-In Declare when a user has physically visited a geographical location or event.
Click Bait Headlines in articles or social media posts designed to attract user traffic.
Community Management The practice of developing relationships around a common interest. This is done by monitoring and engaging with those who engage with the common interest.
Content Marketing A marketing strategy based on attracting and retaining customers through the creation and distribution of valuable content, such as videos, white papers, guide and infographics.
Creative Commons License Allows you to keep the copyright of your work, but allows others to distribute your work on other social media platforms or websites. Flickr is a great resource to find these photos.
Direct Message (DM) Is a private Twitter message sent to one of your followers.
Dynamic Content Content that is constantly changing. For examples, videos, animations and gifs.
Engage Communicating to other social media users.
Filter A photographic effect that can be applied to enhance images on social media.
Geofilter Special overlays for Snapchat users that reflect the geographic location they are in.
Geolocation and Geotagging The practice of tagging a photo, video or message with a specific location
GIF A file format that supports both static and animated images.
Hashtag A word or string of characters that starts with a number sign. Identical hashtags are then grouped into a search thread.
Impression Sometimes called a view. This is the total number of times your content (or ad) is viewed.
Influence A social media user who can reach a significant audience and drive awareness about a trend, topic, company or product.
Influencer An individual that has a following and connection with their audience and can pass information onto them.
Insights Insights is another term for metrics. Your social media platforms will provide Insights to view how your content is performing with your audience.
Keywords Descriptive words that describe a piece of media.
Live Streaming Using a social media application to go Live on the platform for users to view and interact with in real-time.
Mash-Ups Mash-ups take two pieces of content and mash them together to create something new.
Meme Memes are ideas that catch on, typically involving photos or videos relating to pop culture and a variety of people run with them, build on them, and expand on them.
Microblogging Short message postings from a social media account.
Photoblog A type of blog that allows uses to share photos.
Platform A system that manages content. For example, Wordpress is a platform that manages a community of blogs.
Podcast An audio program in a compressed digital format, which is designed to be listened to over the web or on one's smartphone.
Private Message Is a private Facebook message sent to one of your followers.
RSS Acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Preferred standard for syndicating content across the web.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is the practice of increasing the "organic" visibility of a web page in a search engine, such as Google.
Selfie A self-portrait photograph, usually taken with a smartphone and shared on social media.
Sentiment Analysis An attempt to understand how an audience feels about a brand, company, or product based on data collected from social media.
Share When content is reposted on a social media site through another user's channel.
Share of Voice Is a metric for understanding how many social media mentions a particular brand is receiving in relation to its competition.
Social Graph A diagram of the interconnections between people, with the people serving as nodes, and the lines between them showing the connections.
Social Media Listening The process of finding and assessing what is being said about a company, topic, brand or person on social media channels.
Social Media Monitoring Listening to your audience on social media platforms to better understand and take part in the conversation.
Stories Photos and videos shared and disappear after 24 hours. Typically find these on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.
Tag Publicly links a person, Page or place to something you post, like a status update or a photo.
Thread A strand of messages which represent a conversation or part of a conversation.
Throwback Thursday (#tbt) A weekly social media tradition in which people relive a past experience.
Timeline The location where posts can be seen by users and is constantly updated.
Traffic Refers to the number of visitors that visit a website.
Transparency Social media users expect to engage in considerate online conversations with honest individuals and institutions.
Troll A social media user who makes a deliberately offensive or annoying posts with the sole aim or provoking another user or group of users.
Unique Users This is the total number of unique users views your content. For example, one person may see a post three times. They provide three Impressions but only count as one unique user.
URL Shortener A tool that condenses a URL into a shorter, more social media friendly URL.
User-Generated Content (USG) Instead of your team creating content, you have users submit content they generate at home or events so you can use. For example, asking users to submit pictures or videos from a Guard event.
Vanity URL Is a web address that is branded for marketing purposes.
Viral Anything shared across social networks that gets passed along rapidly.
Vlogging Short video blogging.
Widget Mini-applications that can live on your Page or Website.
Wiki Wikis are collaboration tools. They allows multiple people to work in the same document, and that document lives online.