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Fitness & Training

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Fitness & Training

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Title: Ranger Training Assessment Course

Title: Airborne Night Training

Title: Obstacle Course Video

Title: Drill Sergeant Video

Title: Proper Commands At Ease Video

Title: Winter Mountain Infantry Battle Drills

Title: BCT General Testimonial Video

Title: BCT General Testimonial Video

Title: Air Medic Video

Title: OPAT Overview Video

Title: State Partnership Program Video

Title: Obstacle Courses Female Testimonial

Title: Ft. Jackson Drill Sergeant BCT Testimonial

Title: Ranger School Video

Title: 11B B-4 Sniper Training/Testimonial

Title: Proper Commands Facing Video

Title: Aviation General Video

Title: BCT Drill Sergeant General Video

Title: BCT Haircuts Video

Title: Ft. McCoy Training Village

Title: Rifle Marksmanship Training

Title: Flutter Kick Ab Workout Video

Title: BCT Treadwell Tower

Title: Night Infiltration Course Training

Title: BCT Grenade Throwing Training

Title: BCT General Inspiration Video

Title: Special Patrol Infiltration/Exfiltration System

Title: Chemical/Biological Warfare Training (STEM)

Title: BCT/Education Benefits Overview Video

Title: APFT/RSP Video

Title: BCT Motivation Video

Title: BCT General Video

Title: BCT General Video

Title: Foreign Military Police Drills

Title: Best Warrior Competition Video

Title: APFT Overview Video

Fitness & Training

Fitness Copy Examples

  • Enlist with your friends. Train with them, too.
  • You don’t have to be a super fit machine to join us. No matter your fitness level, we help you stay fit through day one and beyond. Try your hand at something new in the Army National Guard. Send us a message to learn more.
  • You won't know your limits if you don't push yourself to them. How are you pushing yourself physically to become #(your state abbreviation)Guard strong?
  • It’s #FitnessFriday... let the gains begin.
  • The #Army Physical #FitnessTest (APFT) consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run. What's your best score for each event?
  • Stay Guard #strong! Change up your #workout routines to include a variety of #cardio and strength training. What's your favorite workout?
  • If you're on your way to losing weight to join the #NationalGuard, send us a message to check your progress to see how much body fat you can have and the #fitness standards for #enlistment.
  • Rain or shine, there's always time for a #run. What motivates you to get out there?
  • No pain, no gain. What might hurt you today, makes you stronger tomorrow. Work hard and achieve success in the #(your state abbreviation)Guard.
  • Push yourself to your limits. That's how you truly grow. If you're ready to take on something new, let's get you started on the right path today.
  • Still working on #endurance and worried about speed? Build up to a faster two-mile run with interval #training. Check out our fitness calculator to see your required 2-mile time by sending us a message.
  • The body achieves what the mind believes. In the #NationalGuard you push yourself mentally and physically to reap the best rewards. Send us a message to get your future started.
  • How do you stay motivated? You don’t. #Motivation is feeling like doing something. #Discipline is doing what you have to do no matter how you feel.
  • Everyone has their own way of preparing for the Army Physical #FitnessTest (APFT), what does your #workout look like? Give us a message to use our fitness calculator to see if you’re able to pass the #APFT.
  • Do you know the number of sit ups required to pass the #Army Physical Fitness Test? Ask us about our #fitness calculator and see if you'd pass.
  • Pushing through makes you #stronger, but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows. What's your LEAST favorite training #exercise or experience?
  • Push ‘til you’ve got nothing left. When you hit the gym, what's your go-to #workout?
  • Stay #GuardStrong! Change up your #workout routines to include a variety of #cardio and strength #training. What’s your favorite workout?
  • The body achieves what the mind believes. In the #(your state abbreviation)Guard you push yourself mentally and physically to reap the best rewards. Send us a message to get your future started.
  • Before you sit down for that #holiday meal, get some PT in! What is your #workout plan today?
  • #Training when everyone else is sleeping? Putting in extra reps or running extra miles? Share with us what you did today as part of your #workout.
  • Push yourself. We're not telling you it'll be easy. But we're telling you it'll be worth it.
  • If you're shipping out to basic combat training (#BCT), be ready for pushups. Get a head start by practicing now. How many can you do?
  • Steady focus, #determination and never taking your eye off the prize. That's real transformation. Do you have it? Tell us your #(your state abbreviation)Guard story and where it has taken you.
  • As part of the #Army Physical Fitness Test you'll be required to run two miles within a certain amount of time. What's your best time? Not sure? Get out there and see yourself.
  • The #OPAT is a new test to help assign recruits to an #MOS based on their muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance & lower body and upper body explosive power.‬ Think you got what it takes to become a #Soldier in the #(your state abbreviation)Guard? Give us a message.
  • No shortcuts. Work for it. Becoming a #soldier in the #NationalGuard is worth the effort. For more information on joining our family, message us today.
  • We're three weeks into January and it's accountability time. Are you keeping up with your #fitness goals?
  • Facebook-Specific Post
    • Everyone has their own way of preparing for the Army Physical #FitnessTest (APFT), what does your #workout look like? Use our fitness calculator to see if you’re able to pass the #APFT: (insert CAMPO link)
  • Instagram-Specific Post
    • Rise and grind. Double tap if you’re ready to go all out today!


  • Get to know what Army #NationalGuard Basic Training is *really* like. Direct message us today!
  • Welcome to #DayZero. Get ready for yelling — lots of it. Drill Sergeants do whatever it takes to transform new recruits from civilians to #Soldiers. Share some of your #BCT memories with us.
  • If you're getting ready for #BasicTraining, remember, your mind will quit 1,000x sooner than your body. Push through it. What tips would you provide those getting in shape to join the #NationalGuard?⠀
  • Blue Phase during Basic Combat Training (BCT) includes training with automatic weapons and grenade launchers. What questions can we answer about #BCT?
  • At the end of basic combat training you'll put your knowledge to the test and earn the title of #NationalGuard Soldier. What tips can you share about #BCT?
  • During #basictraining you'll discover how strong you really are alongside your platoon. Push yourself to the limit this year. Send us a message.
  • Guard #soldiers take on all sorts of #training to ensure they're ready for whatever comes their way. What kinds of training have you taken on?
  • Find your local Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) to prepare for #basictraining, get in shape, and learn the #Army National Guard values. Message us to learn more.
  • The #haircut. A rite of passage at Basic Combat Training. What was the biggest change for you at #BCT? [for this post, you can only post an image of a soldier with/getting a haircut]
  • You're going to Basic Combat Training for a reason— to become a Soldier. What questions do you have about #BCT?
  • #BasicTraining might be physically and mentally challenging, but it's an experience you'll never forget. Sound off! Where did you go for basic training?
  • During basic combat training (#BCT) you'll familiarize yourself with the (insert name of weapon) during #marksmanship training. What questions can we answer about #basictraining?
  • Instagram-Specific Post
    • Follow our #InstagramStories as we show you a glimpse of #BasicTraining at #(insert name of location)

Miscellaneous Posts

  • Is your son or daughter thinking about joining the Army National Guard? Here’s what you need to know: (insert CAMPO link)
  • Check out this 360 video of (insert name) from (insert name) training in (insert location).

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  • #FitnessFriday
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  • #(Your two-letter State abbreviation)NationalGuard
  • #Hooah
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