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Gear & Tech

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Gear & Tech

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Title: Advanced Ram-Air Parachute System

Title: Primary Surface to Air Missile System (SAM)

Title: Avenger Surface to Air Missile System

Title: M240 Machine Gun

Title: Firefighting Bambi Bucket

Title: RQ-11B Raven

Title: UH-60 Black Hawk

Title: CH-47 Chinook

Title: 240 Bravo Demo and Assembly

Title: M-ATV

Title: Black Hawk Helicopter

Title: TOW

Title: MRAV

Title: Supply Air Drops Video

Title: Sniper Competition Video

Title: Bambi Bucket in Action Video

Gear & Tech

Gear & Tech Copy Examples

  • Can you identify the aircraft here? If you’ve got the passion, you might be a good fit for the Army National Guard. #TestTuesday
  • On today’s schedule: aerial vehicle training with a (insert name of aircraft). Just one of many different Army National Guard aircrafts.
  • National Guard #soldier firing a (insert name of weapon) during a live fire exercise. Are you interested in this type of training and more? Just give us a message.
  • A #soldier engaging targets with a (insert name of weapon) to improve their marksmanship skills. Did you know that the (insert name of weapon) has a maximum range of 3,600 meters? Reach out to us to learn more.
  • Camp Roberts(caution optional: insert location name) has seen hundreds of #soldiers shooting and qualifying at the range this past month. What's your favorite weapon you've had the liberty to fire?
  • A #soldier loading a (insert name of weapon) with 2.75 inch rockets during a Forward Arming and Refueling Point exercise. Are you considering controlling the sky? Give us a message.
  • It's a great day to be at the range. What is your favorite weapon to fire?
  • Can you tell us the name of the weapon about to be fired? #TriviaTuesday
  • Here, Guard #soldiers fire mortars and call for fire. Did you know? The 11C Indirect Fire #Infantryman course and 11B Infantryman Advanced Leader course teaches soldiers to run crew drills and how to provide effective fire on targets. Motivated to take on this course? Reach out to us.
  • Our ride is better than your ride. Sound off! What's your favorite Army #NationalGuard vehicle to drive?
  • (insert name of weapon) or (insert name of weapon)? The M1117 Guardian gives Guard #soldiers both options. Get behind the wheel, message us to learn more.
  • Can you tell us what kind of weapon this is? Get your hands on equipment like this as a #soldier in the #NationalGuard. #TriviaTuesday
  • How well do you know #military helicopters? Sound off! What kind of #helicopter is this? #TriviaTuesday
  • The #Zodiac is the go-to vessel for #SpecialForces. Want to get yourself in one? Start your journey today and send us a message.
  • States that deal with harsh #winters might be equipped with this vehicle which enables #soldiers to traverse #snow and ice fields riddled with snow drifts. Do you know the name? #TriviaTuesday
  • Can you tell us what #vehicle this is? Bonus points if you're interested in getting behind the wheel of one. Just send us a message! #TriviaTuesday
  • (Insert state name) #NationalGuard soldiers fire (insert name of weapon) during a competition to challenge themselves and their #marksmanship skills. What was it like when you learned how to use the (insert name of weapon)?
  • #Soldiers conduct sling load training with a UH-60 #Blackhawk helicopter to learn how to drop Utilized Group Rations meals, Meals Ready to Eat, and other supplies to remote locations. Get in on this #training, message us.
  • Can you tell us what vehicle this is? If you're interested in driving one, we might be able to help. Send us a message to learn more. #TriviaTuesday
  • If you've ever considered joining the #NationalGuard, take the time now to ask our #soldiers any questions about #enlistment, #careers, and more. They're standing by!
  • Did you know? The (insert state name) #NationalGuard and (insert country name) have been state partners in the State Partnership Program since (insert year). Ask us what state you're partnered with!
  • Never stop practicing. All you can do is get better, and one way to #test your #skills is through a #competition. Looking to become a trained #marksman? Click the link in our bio.
  • Who can tell us what kind of #sniper rifle this #NationalGuard Green Beret is firing? #TriviaTuesday
  • There's never a dull moment when you're #learning about new #weapons and how to use them. Take on this #training and gain new #skills, click the link in our bio.
  • Not all #learning is done in a #classroom. Get hands on experience and gain new #skills as a #Soldier in the Guard. What questions do you have?
  • (Insert soldier's rank and name) performs a disassembly and assembly of an (insert name of weapon) light machine gun. What was it like the first time you assembled a weapon?

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